The MBDA Honor Band concert at Kasson-Mantorville High School April 22, 2018

MBDA Honor Band    April 22, 2018   Kasson-Mantorville High School Auditorium

(full names omitted for privacy)                                                     (May  2018)

IAJE Jazz Honor Band    (International Association of Jazz Educators)
Buffalo Middle School         2006     Dylan P.   gr 7  alto saxophone
St. Louis Park Jr. High         2007     Nathan S.   gr 8   tenor saxophone
Hopkins North Jr. High        2008     Dylan Y.    gr 8   alto saxophone

MBDA Jazz Honor Band     (Minnesota Band Directors Association)
Wayzata West M. S.             2013     Nick Z.   gr 8   alto saxophone
Wayzata High School           2014     Nick Z.   gr 9   alto saxophone, 1st chair
Minnetonka M.S. East          2014     William H.  gr 8  tenor saxophone, 1st chair                             

MBDA Honor Band      (Minnesota Band Directors Association)
Hopkins West Jr. High        2007     Ann P.   gr 8   clarinet
Hopkins North Jr. High       2007     Dylan Y.   gr 7   clarinet
Orono Middle School          2008     Will F.   gr 8   alto saxophone
Hopkins North Jr. High       2008     Dylan Y.   gr 8   clarinet
Hopkins High School          2009     Ann P.   gr 10   clarinet
Orono Middle School          2013     Ellie T.   gr 7   clarinet
Orono Middle School          2014     Ellie T.   gr 8   clarinet
Wayzata West M. S.           2013     Nick Z.   gr 8   alto saxophone
Wayzata High School         2014     Nick Z.   gr 9   alto saxophone                               
Minnetonka High School     2015     William H.   gr 9   tenor saxophone
Minnetonka M.S. East         2015     Ben T.   gr 6   clarinet
Minnetonka M.S. East         2016     Ben T.   gr 7   clarinet
Minnetonka M.S. East         2017     Ben T.   gr 8   clarinet

MMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble      (Minnesota Music Educators Association)                                   
Orono High School     2010-11     Will F.  gr 11   alto saxophone, 1st chair
Orono high School      2011-12     Will F.  gr 12   alto saxophone, 1st chair                     

MMEA All-State Concert Band       (Minnesota Music Educators Association)
Buffalo High School      1997-98     Molly F.  gr 10   tenor saxophone
Rockford High School    1998-99    Addy L.  gr 10   alto saxophone
Rockford High School   1999-00     Addy L.  gr 11   alto saxophone
Buffalo High School      2002-03     Stephen V.   gr 11  alto saxophone
Orono High School        2008-09     Annie L.   gr 10   clarinet
Orono High School        2008-09     Emily H.  gr 10   flute
Orono High School        2009-10     Annie L.  gr 11   clarinet
Buffalo High School       2010-11     Dylan P.   gr 11   baritone saxophone
Hopkins High School     2011-12     Dylan Y.   gr 11   clarinet
Providence Academy    2017-18     Andrew G.  gr 10  bass clarinet

Perfect scores in MSHSL solo/ensemble contests   (difficult to achieve)    (MN State High School League)
Orono Middle School     2005     Emily H.    gr 7   flute
Orono Middle School     2006     Will F.    gr 6   alto saxophone
Orono Middle School     2006     Alexander S.    gr 7   alto saxophone
Orono Middle School     2008     Will S.  (duet )   gr 8   tenor saxophone
Orono Middle School     2008     Will F.    gr 8   alto saxophone   (also earned best in site)
Mound Westonka H.S.   2011     Sam J.   gr 12   tenor saxophone
Wayzata West M. S.       2012     Nick Z.  gr 7   alto saxophone
Wayzata West M. S.       2013     Nick Z.   gr 8    alto saxophone

Most Dedicated Student Award   (voted on by classmates)
Hopkins West Jr. High    2005     Ann P.   gr 7   clarinet
Hopkins West Jr. High    2007     Heather L.  gr 7   clarinet

Schmitt Music Strike Up the Band Honor Band
Sacred Heart Catholic School     2010   Genevive H.   gr 8   clarinet

 Most Musical Student Award   (voted on by Senior classmates)
Hopkins High School     2011    Ann P.   gr 12   clarinet

John Philip Sousa Award    (national)
Mound Westonka H.S.     2011    Sam J.   gr 12   tenor saxophone

South Central MBDA Regional Beginning and Second Year Band
Wayzata West M.S.                             2011        Martin C.   gr 6   alto saxophone
Hopkins Glen Lake E.S.                                 2013        Stella S.   gr 6  clarinet
Eden Prairie Eagle Heights Sp.Im.      2013        Kiersten L.  gr 6  clarinet

South Central MBDA Regional Jazz Honor Band (gr 6-8)
Minnetonka M.S. East     2014      William H.   gr 8   tenor saxophone, 1st chair
Wayzata West M.S.         2014      Mitchell C.   gr 8   tenor saxophone, 2nd chair

South Central MBDA Regional Honor Band (gr 6-8) 
Orono Middle School                    2013      Ellie T.   gr 7   clarinet
Wayzata West Middle School       2013      Charley R.   gr 8   alto saxophone
Minnetonka M.S. East                   2016      Zach J.   gr 8   alto saxophone
Wayzata M.S. East                       2017       Daniel C. gr 8   trombone

Tri-Metro All-Conference Honor Band
Providence Academy       2013       Vincent S.  gr 11   alto saxophone
Providence Academy       2014       Vincent S.  gr 12    alto saxophone, 1st chair

University Marching Band
University of Notre Dame, Indiana   2014-2016    Vincent S.   Freshman - Junior   alto saxophone                         

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