Funky 'Tude







(publisher Alphonse Leduc's system)

1, 2, 3 easy
4, 5, 6 moderately difficult
7, 8, 9 difficult



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Funky 'Tude   tenor and alto/bari saxophone duet/ensemble   Level: 5-7    Price: $14.99     Cat. No. LP0008

A catchy and challenging piece that can be played as a duet (or more than one instrument can be put on each part) or a whole saxophone section. Any combination of saxophones will work as long as Bb and Eb lines are played. It can be played at an easy tempo or a super fast tempo. A perfect piece for the saxophone section of a Jazz Band or Wind Ensemble at a "break" in a concert.

Composer: Mark Luger    Publisher: Luger Press

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